Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can you give me a brief description of the United Way of the Chattahoochee Valley?
A: United Way of the Chattahoochee Valley (UWCV) is a nonprofit, volunteer-driven organization that unites donors, companies, volunteers, partner agencies and other organizations to improve lives and achieve measurable results that make our community stronger.
Q: Who makes program funding decisions?
A: Deciding which programs receive United Way funding is placed in the capable hands of more than 90 community volunteers. These volunteers worked together and spent countless hours reading applications and making site visits. UWCV currently funds 50 programs at 26 agencies.
Q: Who may receive program funding from United Way of the Chattahoochee Valley?
A: Any tax-exempt, nonprofit organization that conducts health or human service programs in Muscogee, Marion, Harris, Taylor, Talbot, Stewart, Chattahoochee in Georgia and Russell County in Alabama. Programs must address a need in area of basic needs, income, health or education. For more information on how to apply contact Jennifer St. John, Vice President of Community Initiatives.
Q: What if I feel pressured to give?
A: United Way has a non-coercion policy, so no one should be forced to give. United Way is made possible because so many people give voluntarily, and volunteerism is what United Way is all about.
Q: If I stop working or leave the company where I made my donation, what happens to my pledge?
A: Should you stop working, your payroll deduction pledge stops too. Your pledge through United Way is made in good faith based upon your employment. When you start a new job, ask to sign up for payroll deduction again or call UWCV for further details.
Q: Someone I know didn't receive help from an agency supported by United Way. Why?
A: It is a difficult question to answer without the details of the specific situation. First, get the facts: names, dates, and all pertinent information. Then, call the United Way office at 706-327-3255. Any concern will be explored fully, and a response will be provided to the inquirer.
Q: Does United Way of the Chattahoochee Valley have a formal financial audit procedure?
A: An audit of United Way's financial statements is conducted annually by an independent, certified public accountant whose examination complies with Generally Accepted Accounting Standards (GAAS), and in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). A volunteer finance committee monitors all aspects of the organization's finances and audit relationships to ensure that United Way adheres to the highest standards of financial accountability. In addition to an annual audit, United Way is in compliance with all state and federal laws, and meets or exceeds United Way World Wide's membership requirements and standards.  
Q: What is the relationship between United Way of the Chattahoochee Valley and United Way Worldwide?
A: United Way of the Chattahoochee Valley (UWCV) is autonomous and managed by local volunteers. United Way Worldwide (UWW) is a national training and service center providing services to local United Ways across the country. UWCV pays membership dues (1%) to UWW in return for services that include the use of the United Way name and logo, market research, promotional items, national/ NFL advertising, and training for staff. UWW does not govern UWCV. Led by a board of volunteers, all funding and leadership decisions for UWCV are made right here.
Q: What were the results of the 2013 United Way campaign in the Chattahoochee Valley?
A: With a goal of $7,000,000 - United Way was able to successfully raise $7,030,034!